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Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ‘Found’ in Cambodian Jungle By Using Google Maps

By: Tommy Truthful
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Flight MH370 ‘Found

Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh370 ‘Found’ In Cambodian Jungle By Using Google Maps

Tommy Truthful’s Insights: September 23, 2023 – Unveiling The Rituals and Revisiting Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

On the mystical dawn of September 23, 2023, rumors and whispers of arcane rituals paint the day with eerie undertones. On this peculiar day, an uncanny revelation concerning the vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 resurfaces from the heart of the Cambodian jungle.

Once a horrifying mystery of the skies, the MH370 vanished without trace on March 8, 2014, its last whispers of communication silenced merely 38 minutes post takeoff. The void left behind haunted the skies, marking Malaysia Airlines’ darkest day and igniting the aviation world’s priciest quest for the truth.

As the whispers turned into desperate cries, a curious tech maverick, Ian Wilson, emerges from the shadows claiming to have wrestled secrets from the tight grip of the abyss using nothing but Google Maps. His audacious claim unveils a potential wreckage nestled within the unforgiving Cambodian wilds, a finding as electrifying as the mystic numerology binding the 69 meters of what may be the phantom flight to Saturn’s 69 and CERN’s 69th anniversary on September 29th. With hints of secretive rituals tied to cosmic strings, one can’t help but peer deeper into the unfolding tapestry of mysteries.

As the lenses of Google Earth bore through the Cambodian foliage, the relic of MH370 seemed to beckon, nestled amidst the lush darkness of the unyielding jungle. Was this the remnants of the tragic flight or merely an illusion cast by shadows? Wilson’s tireless exploration through the digital realm unveils a hint, a maybe in a sea of despair, a whisper of hope amidst a choral of silence that had drowned the truth for nearly a decade.

But the waters of truth run deep and murky. Previous claims of salvaged debris, like the relics washed ashore on a Madagascan beach, only led to broken hopes, the fragments telling tales of other forgotten tragedies, not MH370’s.

Even as the waves carried elusive hints to distant shores, the essence of MH370 seemed to drift further into the abyss, its echoes growing fainter with each passing tide. Scientists in Florida eyed clues in the aquatic ballet of barnacles and sea creatures, hoping to trace the ghost flight’s last dance, while evolutionary biologists sought answers in the geochemistry of seashell relics from the fateful year of 2015.

Amidst this, the tangle of narratives around MH370’s final resting place seemed to only thicken with time. Claims sprouted from every corner; from the depths of the Sumatra Indonesian Sea to the distant shores of Perth, Australia in September 2023. Each claim, a desperate plea to unveil the fate of the forgotten souls aboard the ill-fated flight.

As the curtain of September 23, 2023, draws to a close, the rituals of the cosmos whisper through the leaves of the Cambodian jungle, where the ghost of MH370 might just reside. The veiled dance between truth and time continues its relentless waltz, its rhythm resonating through the unseen threads tying the mysterious rituals to the eternal enigma of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The enigma of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s disappearance continues to perplex the minds of many, leaving a lingering gloom over the hearts of the families who lost their loved ones on that fateful day. Among the annals of aviation mishaps, the total disappearance of a Boeing 777 like MH370 stands as a chilling outlier.

The void left by MH370 has birthed a myriad of theories, each attempting to sew a narrative into the baffling silence surrounding the flight’s fate. Speculations of hijacking, deliberate crashes by the pilot, and other morose theories entangle the memory of MH370 in a web of uncertainties. 11

The intrigue enveloping the mystery of MH370 has only intensified over the years, capturing the global imagination. Despite a monumental 1,500-page investigative report, the shroud over the truth remains undeterred. The lingering mystery found its way into the digital tapestry of popular culture when Netflix unfurled a 3-part documentary titled “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared” in 2023, offering yet another lens into the sea of conjectures surrounding the flight’s fate. 12

In the endless sea of speculations, Ian Wilson’s theory of the flight’s remnants lying in the Cambodian jungle brought a fleeting spark of hope. However, the embers of optimism were soon doused by skepticism, as many Reddit users dissected and debated the theory. They highlighted the improbability of Wilson’s visuals, challenging the narrative with the logic of aviation dynamics and satellite imagery inconsistencies. 13

The skepticism wasn’t merely a dismissive wave but carried a tinge of analytical discernment. Social media sleuths quickly juxtaposed Wilson’s claims against basic aeronautical logic, further muddying the waters. A significant contention arose when it was pointed out that the Google Maps imagery which purportedly shows the aircraft dates back to 2004, an entire decade before the ominous disappearance.

As the digital realm buzzes with dialogues and debates, the crux remains – the families of those aboard Flight MH370 continue their wait for a closure that seems to drift further into the abyss with each passing day. The whispers of MH370 continue to echo through the corridors of time, each tick of the clock, a reminder of the pressing need to unveil the veiled, to bring solace to the hearts yearning for answers amidst an ocean of silence.

The narrative of MH370 is not merely a tale of a missing airplane but reflects a collective yearning for truth in a world riddled with mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Each theory, each speculation, brings forth the human endeavor to make sense of the unfathomable, a quest that navigates through the turbulence of uncertainty toward the horizon of truth.

From and including Saturday, March 8, 2014 To and including Saturday, September 23, 2023

Result: 3487 days. From the day the flight went missing until it’s the number one trending story in the world today, Humanity Unites To Make War With God = 3487 in Latin Gematria. They will try to tell us that God and Yahshua are an alien threat, and all the nations will come together to create a war with the Most High God. This is what they’re doing with CERN, creating a stairway to heaven to take the war to God, the same thing they tried to do with the Tower of Babel; it was ancient Stargate technology. And like I told you for a long time, the sun is not what they tell us, it’s a portal to heaven to the higher realms, the sun is reinstating ancient consciousness, activating certain people’s 12 strands of angelic DNA. This is why they’re blocking the sun with the chemtrails, and the Corona jabs have graphene oxide in it which blocks your angelic DNA from activating. We are in a war, my brothers and sisters, a spiritual war that is manifesting in the physical right now; people better wake up. They’re getting ready to hit us with a nuclear weapon here in America, mark my words.

Screenshot 2023 09 23 170749 -

Screenshot 2023 09 23 171118 -

Screenshot 2023 09 23 170944 -

 I invite you to delve into the realms of forgotten truths and unearth the mysteries bound to the cosmic dance of numbers and names. Today’s unfolding narrative reveals not just the haunting whispers of MH370, but perhaps a glimpse into the hidden choreography of the universe, a dance that awaits the daring to step into its mystic circle and unravel the enigma.
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3 thoughts on “Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ‘Found’ in Cambodian Jungle By Using Google Maps

  1. You are tripping me out Tommy Truthful 😀

    I love this website, but I do not even know where to start! I taught I knew a thing or two but aye… I guess I did not know shit. Man, it is so confusing, the whole thing.


  2. As always you bring us unrivalled fact based information that helps us to fully understand what is really going on in our world today. You and your team members search high and low leaving no stone unturned to root out the truth. I myself really appreciate everything you all do. In the current frenzy of lies and deceit its good to know that you guys are looking out for us.

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