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8-Pointed Star Occult Meaning: And the connection to superheroes, Nibiru, CERN, & The plasma apocalypse!

By: Tommy Truthful
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Cern And The 8 Pointed Star
Created by Tommy truthful, using AI to show an example of CERN opening up to Dimension X

Decoding the Eight-Pointed Star: From Ancient Gods to Modern Superheroes

The eight-pointed star is a powerful symbol that connects ancient mythologies to modern-day narratives in the world of esoteric symbolism and ancient mysteries. It is often associated with the idea of a plasma apocalypse and Dimension X. This emblem is not just a relic of the past but a living symbol in contemporary culture.

8 Pointed Star Anunnaki Symbolism

The Portal to Dimension X: Beyond a Physical Realm

The eight-pointed star represents a portal to Dimension X, not a physical planet but a dimension. This concept is intertwined with ancient Stargate technology, which is believed to open portals to other realms. The symbolism of the eight spokes, as seen in the Vatican’s layout and CERN’s emblem, hints at this connection.

The eight-pointed star, with its eight rays, symbolizes the eight Anunnaki leaders or gods in ancient mythologies. Tracing back to Egyptian mythology, the Ogdoad – known in Ancient Greek as ‘ὀγδοάς’ (‘the Eightfold’) and in Ancient Egyptian as ‘ḫmnyw’ (‘the Eight’) – were eight primordial deities worshipped in Hermopolis.

The earliest confirmed reference to the Ogdoad appears during the Eighteenth Dynasty, notably in a dedicatory inscription by Pharaoh Hatshepsut at the Speos Artemidos. In Late Period texts, these deities are described as having heads of frogs (male) and serpents (female), and they are frequently depicted in this manner in Ptolemaic Kingdom reliefs.

This symbolism of the number eight, consistently linked to divine beings, appears across various cultures. CERN features eight bars, representing the eight-pointed star. Similarly, at the Vatican, there is a wheel with eight spokes. Ancient texts describe an eight-pointed star that would open in the sky, functioning as a portal through which giant gods with advanced technology would arrive.

According to some theories, the elites are utilizing CERN as a sort of ‘stargate’ technology, akin to that believed to be used during the era of the Tower of Babel. The purpose, as speculated, is to facilitate ‘Dimension X’ – or Nibiru – and herald the return of the Anunnaki, the so-called fallen Elohim.

8 Pointed Star CernThe Star Of Ishtar, A Babylonian Symbol, Depicted On A Clay Plaque From Ancient Babylonia. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York City, Ny.

Superheroes and Ancient Gods: A Lineage of Power

This symbol’s prevalence in pop culture, especially in superhero movies, is striking. From Captain Marvel’s chest emblem to Wonder Woman’s headdress, the eight-pointed star is consistently depicted. In “The Rings of Power,” based on Tolkien’s universe, the elves use this star symbol, suggesting a lineage linked to entities from Dimension X, once revered as gods.

The Eight-Pointed Star Connections To Superheroes

Man of Steel

The Movie Man Of Steel 8 Pointed * Symbolism At 45 Minutes In
“Forty-five minutes into ‘Man of Steel,’ Superman engages in a deep conversation with his father, seeking to understand his roots. His father discloses that Superman is from Krypton and uses an AI program simulation to display Superman’s ancestral civilization. A key symbol in this presentation is the eight-pointed star, accompanied by seven-pointed stars. However, the eight-pointed star motif is notably prevalent, particularly in scenarios featuring beings with superhuman abilities. This leads me to believe that the superhero narrative originates from these entities from Dimension X, referred to as fallen angels or watchers in the Bible. The eight-pointed star connects to Enki and Enlil, sons of the deity Anu, revered in the Sumerian pantheon long before the Bible was written.
As Confucius wisely pointed out, ‘Symbols rule the world, not the laws of man.’ This esoteric knowledge is not meant for the uninitiated. Secret societies are adept at this symbolic and numerical language, as fluent in it as one might be in English, Spanish, or German. The elite communicate using this clandestine language of symbols and numbers. Interestingly, ‘Man of Steel’ equals 45 in Chaldean Gematria, aligning with ‘fallen angels’ and ‘fallen ones,’ further emphasizing the profound connection between these elements.”

Chaos Star

Notably, this chaos star has been adopted by some cultures as a symbol of chaos magic.

A chaos star features eight points coming from a central point. While fictionally, it originates in the writings of Michael Moorcock. It has now been adopted into various additional contexts, including magical and religious ones. Chaos is a powerful force led by many demonic and strange Chaos lords, who are as often as not at cross purposes with one another, as symbolized by the eight directions of the Chaos arrows.

Chaos Star

In the scene of Power Book III: Raising Kanan at 42 minutes and 29 seconds, they are having sex in the studio. She stops to tell him she’s moving to California. For just a second, when she’s getting up, you see an 8-pointed Babylonian star behind her. This is interesting because 42 + 29 equals 71. “Whore of Babylon” equals 71 in reduction, matching sudden destruction, financial collapse, and weather warfare.

The Whore Of Babylon I 8 Pointed Star

The Whore of Babylon is a figure from the Book of Revelation in the Bible. She symbolizes evil and corruption, often linked with the downfall of nations. They’re crashing the economy to switch us to a digital beast system that can be controlled.

The 8-pointed star also appeared in a viral interview with Katt Williams. On the same day, Apple TV released an episode of “Monarch Legacy of Monsters” (season 1, episode 9, #19). “Chaos” equals 19. The eight-pointed star is also known as the chaos star. In Katt Williams’s interview, he mentions the number 201. In the “Monarch” episode, at one minute and two seconds, which mirrors 201, the eight-pointed star is on the wall. Right after, they go through a portal to the inner earth.

Monarch Legacy Of Monsters 8 Pointed * Symbolism

Let’s not forget the Simpsons also have the 8-pointed star if you remember correctly, just like above with the new Apple legacy of monsters, how they use the 8-pointed star on the wall as a clock. The Simpsons, since it has started, in the kitchen, the clock is an 8-pointed star. It’s green and purple. These are the colors of chaos. Look at Spiderman, his nemesis, the Green Goblin, same color code, green and purple; it ties into Saturn. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of comic book villains who favor the captivating combination of purple and green in their costumes. These colors have become synonymous with villainy, and their origins are fascinating.

The Joker: The iconic nemesis of Batman, the Joker, often dons a purple suit with a green vest or tie. His chaotic nature and twisted sense of humor are perfectly encapsulated by this color scheme.

Green Goblin: Spider-Man’s arch-enemy, the Green Goblin, epitomizes villainy with his green and purple attire. The vibrant colors mirror his dual identity as Norman Osborn, a wealthy businessman, and the maniacal Goblin.

Lex Luthor: Superman’s brilliant but malevolent adversary, Lex Luthor, frequently wears green and purple. These colors symbolize his ambition, cunning, and thirst for power.

The Riddler: Known for his intricate puzzles and enigmatic crimes, the Riddler’s green suit and purple question mark motif make him instantly recognizable.

Mysterio: The master of illusions, Mysterio, combines green and purple in his mysterious costume. His deceptive tricks keep Spider-Man on his toes.

Brainiac: This extraterrestrial villain, often associated with Superman, boasts green skin and a purple outfit. His advanced intellect and obsession with knowledge drive his malevolence.

Drax the Destroyer: In earlier Marvel Comics, Drax wore a purple suit with a golden skull on the chest. Although the MCU version differs, the purple hue still resonates with his character.

Why this color pairing? Here’s a brief history:

Green: Traditionally associated with envy, greed, and ambition, green has deep roots in mythology and literature. The phrase “green with envy” dates back to Shakespeare’s time, emphasizing jealousy and desire.

Purple: Historically linked to royalty and power, purple was rare and valuable due to the difficulty of creating the dye. Roman emperors restricted its use to influential leaders, reinforcing its association with authority.

So next time you encounter a villain clad in green and purple, remember that these colors carry centuries of symbolism—whether it’s the Joker’s wicked grin or the Green Goblin’s menacing glider. 🃏🦸‍♂️🟣🟢 Green purple =137 An English ordinal gematria. This is your most basic cipher.

You’re given a letter, a number assigned to it, so the letter A becomes the number one, the letter B becomes the number two, the letter C becomes the number three, all the way up through Z becomes the letter 26. 137 is a huge number used in ritual magic. It’s that secret Mason number. You take this 47 by 90-degree Freemasonic Compass, add 47 + 90, you get 137.

The 137th prime number is 33, which is the highest level you can go in the Scottish Rite. Spells cast on the audience=137 In reverse reduction, this is also the number and color code of demonic energy. There’s a reason all the super villains wear this green and purple color.

Demonic energy=137 In English ordinal matching green purple. Joe Biden sacrifice=137.

Joe Biden Sacrifice-Ordinal-137

Will we see a king kill 33 ritual before the end of Joe’s term, the same style ritual we saw when John F. Kennedy was sacrificed? Joe Biden is the second official Catholic president, which quite honestly, they’re all a bunch of pedophiles. Green and purple are one of the color codes connected to mind control.

Yes, the Illuminati and secret societies use color codes to program the minds of the masses, as well as the stars that they are programming, maybe your favorite music artist or your favorite movie star. The main colors used with this form of Illuminati color magic are blue and orange; then, the secondary mixture is green and purple. Green purple equals 137, remember? Mind control=137, The Templar=137, totaleclipse=137, took the mark=137, 137, knock at the cabin=137, killer waves=137.

38 minutes into the movie Knock at the Cabin, a giant tidal wave takes out the whole West Coast. We know they’ve been planning on doing that to us for a long time, so it makes sense that it has a connection to this 137 number and the green-purple Illuminati color code, that chaos energy, and this will cause global chaos, mass starvation, and death! Eye Of Horus=137, fires on Hawaii=137, death certificate=137.

So you can see everything connected to this number and color code is death and chaos. Why the eight-pointed star clock on the wall in the Simpsons is green and purple because that star is a representation of death and chaos. When this event happens and the portal opens in the sky in the shape of an 8-pointed star, which is Stargate technology they’re using CERN to open an interdimensional gateway to Dimension X, AKA Nibiru, when this event takes place, almost 70% of the world’s population dies due to the cataclysms that cause empires to collapse and rise during this. We are now in 2024, BUT IT  is 2012 because they changed the laws and the times of the most high. They did not want us to know the timeline or to be able to figure it out. Imagine if the whole world knew that we’re less than 20 years away from over 70% of the world perishing, it would be chaos.

The Simpsons Season 23, Episode 5 8 Pointed Star On The Wall At Eight Minutes And 38 Seconds Into The Episode
The Simpsons season 23, episode 5 8 pointed star on the wall at eight minutes and 38 seconds into the episode
Green And Purple Illuminati Color Code Of The Villain Connected To The Number 137
The green and purple Illuminati color code of the villain is connected to the number 137


This is where they believe the twin sun, known as the Black Sun or the Destroyer, is from. It’s not on the elliptical orbit with our sun – that’s propaganda. Remember, Confucius said symbols rule the world, not laws. People need to wake up.

“In the new Willy Wonka movie titled ‘Wonka,’ at 4 minutes and 4 seconds in, we see the eight-pointed star for the first time. Then again, at 16 minutes and 42 seconds, we see a scene where they eat chocolate that allows them to fly, and they’re flying over the eight-pointed star. This repetition underscores the symbolism connected to people with special abilities.”

In the new Willy Wonka movie we see the eight pointed star symbolism

Love and Monsters

Seven years after he survived the monster apocalypse, the lovably hapless Joel leaves his cozy underground bunker behind on a quest to reunite with his ex.

Love And Monsters 8 Pointed Star

This movie is predictive programming of the plasma apocalypse, aka The Phoenix phenomenon, also known as pole shift. It’s after an apocalyptic event takes place where an asteroid was going to hit Earth, called Agatha 616.

Love And Monsters

The interesting thing is the number 616 is a very important number among the occult. Sacrifice=616 in Latin gematria. 616 (six hundred [and] sixteen) is the natural number following 615 and preceding 617. While 666 is called the “number of the beast” in most manuscripts of Revelation 13:18, a fragment of the earliest papyrus 115 gives the number as 616.

616 (Number)

In the movie “Love and Monsters,” the eight-pointed star appears at the 20 minutes and 58 seconds mark. The plot involves launching nuclear devices at an asteroid to prevent it from colliding with Earth. However, the radioactive fallout causes bugs to mutate into giant monsters, including roaches, ants, spiders, and bees. During the Phoenix phenomenon, which is a plasma apocalypse, oxygen levels are said to increase. This phenomenon leads to the growth of animals into giants. Many believe that this is the reason why there were giant humans in the past. So, the predictive programming is all about the plasma apocalypse, the coming of Nibiru, Dimension X.


Love and Monsters=64 in Chaldean gematria, matching A Planet X destroyer=64, Tartarian Mud floods=64. This was the last time the plasma apocalypse, known as pole shift, the opening of Dimension X, took place.

Tauid comet=64. They say there are larger comets hidden within this cloud that could hit Earth. I believe this was created by the tale that Nibiru drags behind it as it travels through the multiverse, wreaking havoc on every dimension.

Saturn 8 Pointed Star Symbolism
Saturn 8 pointed star symbolism

We live in some type of simulation, a giant computer system that is connected to Saturn. We also see this 8-pointed star symbol in connection to Saturn, and a lot of people theorize that Dimension X is them opening a portal to Saturn. Again, this is just a theory, but there is definitely some symbolism there. Saturn is the supercomputer, the moon is the interface module, and Earth is the simulation, the Saturn Moon Earth Matrix. That’s what we live in. Think of this event as a factory reset.

Saturns Rings-Fibonacci-666

Agatha 616-Fibonacci-666 (1)

In this movie World of Warcraft, you’ll watch them open a portal. They open up a stargate there, in what I think is Dimension X, and they invade Earth through Dimension X. These giant monsters, the ancients, would talk about an eight-pointed Stargate that opened up, and giant monsters with advanced technology would come through and enslave humanity. I included a clip down below from World of Warcraft that I recorded back when everybody was talking about the October 4th event, which everybody thought nothing happened, but I believe they opened a portal. They opened a Stargate that day, and they used the energy from all the people that took the vaccine. They were able to harness their energy because they used 13.6 trillion electron volts back in 2022 on July 5th. Remember, 18 hours after they broke the world record in energy, the Georgia Guidestones blew up, which 18 is 6 + 6 + 6. Dark matter=666, which they released and could have been the cause of that explosion.

Dark Matter-Sumerian-666


This dark matter is seeping out of Dimension X into our reality, causing people to go crazy. It’s affecting our weather, earthquakes, and volcanoes. So they used that much energy, and they still couldn’t open the portal all the way. Then October 4th came after they vaccinated everybody, and everyone has that graphene oxide in them, which is an amazing conductor of energy, and you can siphon everybody that has been vaccinated life force just like they did in World of Warcraft to open the Stargate, as you’ll see in the clip below. They love showing us the truth in movies, a form of predictive programming, lesser magic, and revelation of the method.

In the movie “Love and Monsters,” his girlfriend’s compound is called Compound 3022, which intriguingly echoes “322,” a number associated with Skull and Bones. It’s interesting to note that “one wall equals thirty twenty-two” resonates with “Gematria Eleven twenty-six. End game plans=3022,” possibly hinting at November 2026. This is the year I’ve been warning about concerning Dimension X from day one. I believe that by then, they will not be able to hide it anymore, and people will see what’s actually going on with Nibiru.

Love And Monsters 322 Skull And Bones Symbolism

Another intriguing point is “two SUNS has now been compromised=3022.” There’s evidence that the CIA researched a second sun. We also know the CIA declassified the “Adam and Eve Story” in 2013, which discussed pole shifts. Here is the link to it on their website; I highly recommend reading this story if you haven’t yet: CIA Reading Room Document. Released on 2013/06/24, the document describes earth-shattering events where the Earth’s 60-mile-thick shell broke in places worldwide, thereafter called “earth-fire” by the few survivors. The document narrates how the oceans and winds took six days after the cataclysm began to settle their tumultuous wars on the surface of the Earth, and on the seventh day, they started to calm down, leading to 5,000 years of relative normalcy.

Pole shift, known as the plasma apocalypse, and the Phoenix phenomenon:

The two-mile-thick ice caps of the Laurentian Basin and the Indian Ocean, having shifted from their polar homes, started revolving equatorially and proceeded to melt at tremendous speeds in the torrid heat. This melting carved great grooves in the mountains as the rushing water and ice overwhelmed everything in their paths. The document describes how the massive amounts of moisture poured into the atmosphere shrouded the Torrid Zone in a dark fog for many years, spanning several generations. The oceans rose some 200 feet worldwide with the sudden melting of the ice caps, as they do after each cataclysm. The end of the Laurentian Ice Age and the start of the “Old Stone Age” was complete, with the Mayan tongue living on in scattered remnants alongside Polynesian, Greek, Yakut, Egyptian, Eskimo tongues, and nearly all languages.


The new Apple series, titled “Constellation,” follows Jo as she returns to Earth after a disaster in space, only to discover missing pieces in her life. She embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about the hidden secrets of space travel and to recover what she has lost. After being stranded in space, Jo returns through a different portal or gateway, finding herself on a version of Earth that is almost the same as before she left, but with subtle differences—like the color of a car changing from red to blue. This anomaly hints at her child, suggesting something off about her daughter. The series delves into the concept of quantum entanglement, exploring how two versions of the same thing can exist simultaneously—one alive and one deceased.
Episode four, at precisely 3 minutes and 54 seconds, unveils the symbolism of an eight-pointed star. The number #354 is associated with several intriguing concepts. “Sun disk” = 354, recognized as the Sun Cross, symbolizes Nibiru, also known as the planet of the crossing. It carries the designation as the Cross of BAAL.
“Time Cube” (354), in this context, is tied to the Saturn Moon Matrix, a theoretical construct purported to govern this reality. “Missing Link” (354) intimates that the eight-pointed star serves as the crucial element, the gateway to Stargate technology.
The eight-pointed star is also linked to the Archangel Michael, with “Michael The Archangel” and “Michael gatekeeper” both equating to 354 in Gematria. Michael is portrayed as the guardian of the Stargate, the key to unlocking Stargate knowledge, with the secrets of opening the gates closely associated with him.
Another depiction is the “Caucasian Star,” emanating from the Caucasus Mountain region, historically inhabited by the Khazars. This emblem has adorned flags of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, as well as the coats of arms for Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and was once part of the insignia for the Iraqi Boy Scouts.
However, the most significant association of the eight-pointed star is with entities possessing superhuman abilities and its profound connection to portal and Stargate symbolism. It stands as the preeminent emblem linked to the concept of gateways and interdimensional travel.

Apple Series Constellation 8-Pointed * Symbolism
Apple Series Constellation 8-pointed * symbolism

The eight-pointed star is often seen as a symbol of cosmic order and balance. Its association with Nibiru and the Cross of BAAL further highlights the importance of this celestial body in ancient beliefs. The simple yet profound geometry of the Sun Cross represents cosmic crossings and alignments. This symbol reflects the deep understanding and reverence that the ancients had for the movements of the heavens and their impact on Earth.

The Sun Cross Of Baal Nibiru, The Eight-Pointed Star.


In the new Apple series “Constellation,” the intriguing concept of quantum entanglement is explored, where two entities can exist simultaneously—one alive and one deceased, coexisting at the same moment. Through my research, I’ve concluded that the elites in control are exploiting quantum entanglement through Black GOO nanotechnology. This advanced technology intertwines human DNA with that of a demonic consciousness from the lower astral plane, identified as the 8th sphere. This sinister fusion allows these entities, known as the Archons, to hijack the human vessel, facilitating a form of demonic possession enhanced by technology.
While “Constellation” delves into the mysteries of space and existence, it’s my analysis that links Dimension X and Saturn as one, with CERN playing a pivotal role. I propose that CERN is being manipulated to forge a “stairway to heaven,” a metaphorical path intended for launching an assault on the divine source. This perspective is not directly presented in the series but is a conclusion drawn from my extensive research.
The series is a must-watch! The “black goo” or graphene oxide shots, which I believe are involved in quantum entanglement and the merging of human DNA with demonic entities. This black goo is depicted as an intelligent, self-aware liquid crystal, capable of feats such as stretching to form circuits on human skin, and is revered in some esoteric circles as the philosopher’s stone or a depot for demons.
Black goo has been featured in various films, portrayed as a transformative substance capable of altering human DNA from a double helix to a triple helix structure, reflecting not the divine image but that of Lucifer, according to my beliefs. I argue that this alteration eradicates the possibility of salvation, transforming humans into hybrid abominations. In linking black goo to alchemy, the occult, and transhumanism, I suggest that its assimilation into humans signifies a significant evolution—or devolution—of our species.

In the Apple TV series “Constellation,” a pivotal moment occurs at 23:08 when the cause of the space station’s impact is revealed to be a mummified astronaut clad in a Russian orange cosmonaut suit. The choice of orange is notably significant within the realm of the occult, as recent films have increasingly utilized orange symbolism. The number 238 becomes particularly intriguing, given the Earth-to-moon distance of 238,000 miles. Adding a historical layer to this, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president on Air Force One at 2:38 PM. In prime gematria, the terms “TV Magic” and “occult” both correspond to the number 238. Within Illuminati symbolism, orange is often considered a color code signaling the approach of a significant false flag event.

The term “Time Cube=238” is introduced, further linking to the concept of Stargate technology. This marks the second reference to the Time Cube in the series, previously tied to the analysis of the eight-pointed star. The narrative involving the mummified astronaut striking the space station, who is concurrently communicating with it from Mission Control, serves as a quintessential example of quantum entanglement. This scenario illustrates the astronaut existing in a state of being both dead and alive simultaneously, embodying the quantum principle that two seemingly contradictory states can coexist.

Apple Tv Constellation



Babylon Star Of Ishtar Is All Over The Lds Payson Temple


Revelation Through Symbols: The Lesser Magic of Predictive Programming

The presence of this symbol in movies and media is not mere coincidence but a form of revelation through symbols, a concept rooted in the occult practice of lesser magic and predictive programming. This ideology posits that revealing truth through symbols absolves karmic debt, adhering to a universal law of truth revelation.

The Energetic Signature of Ancient Symbols

These ancient symbols, charged with energy, transcend their physical form. When placed in media, album covers, or clothing brands, they carry an energetic signature that influences the material on which they are depicted.

Unraveling the Origins and Implications

This blog will delve deep into the origins and meanings of the eight-pointed star, exploring its historical context and modern implications. By understanding how this symbol has been woven into the fabric of our culture, we can gain insight into the hidden forces that have shaped human civilization and continue to influence our world today.

The 8-Pointed Star
Created by Tommy truthful using ai to show an example of CER N opening up to Dimension X

Exploring the Mystical Octagram

The octagram, or the 8-pointed star, stands as a timeless emblem, weaving its significance through various religions and cultures globally. Its origins stretch back through the annals of history, and today, it adorns national emblems and religious symbols, each interpretation adding a unique layer to its rich tapestry. This exploration dives into the diverse interpretations and ancient symbols of the octagram.

The Octagram’s Varieties

There are two primary styles for crafting the octagram, each leading to different symbolic representations:

  1. Dual-Square Octagram (8/2): This style emerges from the intersection of two squares, creating an 8-pointed star with a distinctive appearance.
  2. Unicursal Octagram (8/3): Known for its ability to be drawn in one continuous motion without lifting the pen, this version of the octagram weaves a singular, uninterrupted path.

Besides these, variations of the 8/3 unicursal style exist, each adding its unique flair to the octagram’s design.

Decoding the Octagram’s Meanings

Each culture and belief system that embraces the octagram infuses it with its own set of meanings and interpretations. These range from representing fundamental cosmic principles to embodying deep spiritual truths. The octagram’s universal appeal lies in its ability to encapsulate diverse philosophies and ideologies.

Glimpses of Ancient Octagrams

The journey through the octagram’s history takes us across 16 ancient symbols from various corners of the world. Each of these symbols carries its own story and symbolism, reflecting the beliefs and artistic expressions of the cultures they originated from.

In summary, the octagram is not just a geometric figure; it’s a portal into the world’s diverse cultural and spiritual landscapes, offering insights into the human quest for meaning and connection.

8 Pointed Star Types -


In ancient mythology, the 8-pointed star represents the God of heaven, who was called Anu (Aunu, Aun). We also observe the connection to the eight-pointed star with Jupiter.

Jupiter 8 Pointed Star -


The 8-Pointed Star Is The Pentacle Of Jupiter.
The 8-pointed star is the pentacle of Jupiter.

The relief in the British Museum displays an image of the Sumerian deity Ninurta, whose parents were Enlil and Ninlil. Notably, the emblem around his neck resembles the cross patee of the Knights Templar.


The 8-pointed Cross Pattee of the Knights Templar


Templar Cross Patterns - Templar Cross Maning -

The earliest records of the word Anu come to us from the Sumerians. It is said to be an Akkadian word brought from the Euphrates to Egypt, meaning Heaven and God.


The ancient Akkadians, Assyrians, Chinese, and Phoenicians recognized Anu as the ruler of the Anunnaki. In Babylonian hymns and incantations, the Igigi and Anunnaki have a significant role, with Anu depicted as the father of both groups. The Anunnaki, as descendants of Enki, were the close allies of the newly created humans.

Jupiter 8 Pointed Star 2 -

Jupiter is referred to as the star of Babylon, often mentioned in the inscriptions as Marduk and Niribu (né-bé-ru), who is known as the god of the morning and spring sun, or what we can call the shining morning star. Please observe the 8 pointed stars on his attire.


The Greek alphabet is the key to understanding the gematria of the allegorical language of the New Testament, according to Ambroise. In Christianity, there are eight beatitudes: poverty of spirit; mourning; meekness; desire of righteousness; mercy; purity of heart; the peacemaker; and suffering for the sake of righteousness. The number eight symbolizes salvation, as seen in the octagonal shape of the baptismal font, and is also the sign of God’s covenant. It represents the concept of a new beginning, as evidenced in the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Revelation, the Anti-Christ is referred to as the eighth king. In Jewish tradition, the number eight is associated with circumcision, which is performed on the eighth day.

The 8 Pointed Cross Pattee Of The Hospitalers
The 8 pointed Cross Pattee of the Hospitalers

There is a profound connection between the eight-pointed star and the Sirius Empire, particularly its link to the Anunnaki. However, it’s important to note that Sirius is not merely a distant galactic location; rather, it’s believed to be accessible interdimensionally. This star symbolizes the Sirius Empire, also known as the Empire of El, an alien empire reputed to rule Earth.

In Eastern cultures, this entity is sometimes referred to as the Jade Empire. The eight-pointed star is a ubiquitous symbol associated with the Anunnaki, the purported extraterrestrial rulers of Earth. Its presence is evident in various insignias and designs, ranging from the Space Force patch to the top of Disney’s D23 poster.

This symbol is also linked to Inanna, known in various cultures as Diana, Freya, Asteroth, and other names. Inanna is considered the representative of the Empire of El in charge of human affairs, managing humanity on behalf of her father. Her father, identified with various names such as Sin Allah, Dionysus, Khonsu, Yahweh, Jesus, and Njord, is believed to be the current Elohim/Anunnaki ruler of the Multiverse. Consequently, the eight-pointed star often appears on items related to Inanna and her father Sin, signifying their influence and authority.

Dracula - Order Of The Dragon - Played Key Role In Release Of Mormon Joshua Holt
There’s a solid connection to Dracula  & the eight-pointed star

The Coat Of Arms Of Pope Francis Babylon 8 Pionted Star

Ishtar Star

Vatican Ishtar Easter Star Babylon

Lds Babylon Star 001 -

Lds Payson Temple Star Of Babylon -

Lds Payson Temple Star Of Babylon 2
lds payson temple star of babylon

Have you ever considered the possibility that the original Mormons could be descendants of the Annunaki bloodline? It’s quite an intriguing thought.

Lds Payson Temple Star Of Babylon

1854 Mormon Seer The Devil Founded The Roman Catholic Church

Babylonian 8 Pointed Star Of Ishtar All Over Papal Basilica Vatican 1

“If any of you come across any symbolism related to an eight-pointed star, please send it to me via email. In the subject line, please write ‘8 pointed star’ so that I can easily identify and check it. My email address is This blog will be updated regularly as we discover more information about the eight-pointed star. I often update my blogs, so be sure to check back for new information. If I plan on doing so, I will mention within the blog whether or not I will continue to update it.”

Pope 8 Pointed Star Of Ishtar Babylon -

Former Israeli President Proposes Pope To Head ‘Un For Religions’

United Nations Outpost Atop Mount Hermon: We see an eight-pointed star. Remember, this star is a symbol connected to CERN, which is believed to open portals. This location is significant as it’s where the 200 fallen angels, referred to as the Watchers or the Anunnaki, are said to have descended and imparted forbidden knowledge to mankind. They mated with human women, resulting in the offspring known as the Nephilim. These Nephilim turned cannibalistic and began preying on children. In the Americas, Native American tribes united to hunt these giants to extinction after they turned against the people. Initially worshiped, these giants were eliminated due to their unholy acts.

Nephilim Giants found in Brewer Cave 

The ancient giants of America 

The UN outpost’s location on the 33rd parallel is noteworthy, as the number 33 is often associated with the third of the angels that fell with Lucifer according to some beliefs.

United Nations Outpost Atop Mount Hermon
United Nations Outpost Atop Mount Hermon 8 pointed star

The Vatican and the papal bloodlines hold power among the descendants of the Anunnaki.

White Pope Headdress Vs Black (1)

Payson Utah Temple Interior Features Local Themes, Symbolism Star

Vegas 8 Pointed Star Of Babylon
Sin City Las Vegas has a giant 8-pointed star

Lds Gardens Of Babylon 001 -

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The symbol of the Beehive is associated with the Merovingian bloodline, also known as the 13th bloodline, from which the Antichrist is believed to emerge. Their emblem is the Fleur de lis, which represents 666. Similarly, Babylon US=666. “Is it possible that the connection to Babylon USA is related to the Mormon church?”Fleur De Lis Sumerian 666 -Babylon Us Sumerian 666 -

Fleur De Lis Is All Over The Stair Railings Of The Lds Payson Utah Temple 1 -

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There are reports that the Mormon Church is heavily involved in black magic and has ties to the music industry. Allegedly, they take master tapes into their Mormon temples and bind demons to the masters. Consequently, every copy of an album produced from these masters is said to be bound to a demonic entity. The connection between the Church and the eight-pointed star was astonishing to me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. I just dropped another blog this morning: ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire Predictive Programming of Neuralink: Elon Musk’s Brain Chip.’ You can read it here: Until next time, truth seekers, your boy Tommy Truthful signing out.

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8 Pointed Star Of Ishtar Babylon


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11 Spiritual Meanings Associated with the 8-Pointed Star (Octagram) 1854 MORMON SEER The DEVIL Founded the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 8 pointed star Anunnaki symbolism 8 POINTED STAR CERN 8-Pointed Star 8-Pointed Star Occult Meaning: And the connection to superheroes 8-pointed-star-infinity 8-pointed-star-types a Babylonian symbol also known as the planet of the crossing. The oldest representation of Nibiru is the cross-lab also known as the Sun Cross. cern CERN AND THE 8 POINTED STAR Chaos magic Chaos Star Cia Adam and Eve story declassified constellation Virgo cross-pattee-anunnaki Dark matter-Sumerian-666 depicted on a clay plaque from ancient Babylonia. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Dionysius-The-True-Principles-of-All-Things- Former Israeli President Proposes Pope to Head ‘UN for Religions’ free eight pointed star vector free watch love and monsters Green and purple Illuminati color code of the villain connected to the number 137 In the new Willy Wonka movie we see the eight pointed star symbolism Ishtar Star Joe Biden sacrifice-Ordinal-137 Jupiter-8pointed-star Jupiter-Marduk- lds payson temple star of babylon lds payson temple star of babylon 2 Love and Monsters Love and monsters 322 skull and bones symbolism Love and Monsters 8 pointed * symbolism love and monsters free stream love and monsters hd download love and monsters online watch love and monsters streaming online love and monsters watch free online Love and monsters-Chaldean-64 Monarch legacy of monsters 8 pointed * symbolism native american 8 pointed star New York City nibiru NY. point star stock royalty free eight pointed star Saturn 8 pointed star symbolism Saturns Rings-Fibonacci-666 Sin City Las Vegas has a giant 8 pointed star The 8-pointed star is the pentacle of Jupiter. The coat of arms of Pope Francis babylon 8 pionted star The cross of BAAL is connected to the eight-pointed star and Nibiru the Eight-Pointed Star Connections to superheroes The movie Man of Steel 8 pointed * symbolism at 45 minutes in The Plasma Apocalypse The Star of Ishtar The Whore of Babylon i 8 pointed star to draw the eightpointed United Nations Outpost Atop Mount Hermon 8 pointed star Vatican ISHTAR EASTER STAR BABYLON What is the 8 pointed star in Hinduism? What is the meaning of a 8 pointed star? What is the spiritual meaning of the star of Ishtar? Willy Wonka eight-pointed star symbolism wonka

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  1. They are Jews, there is no Satan, there is no Jesus, there is no heaven, there is no hell, everything is defined by the super machine Saturn, who is a very advanced artificial intelligence which this elite who are Jews worship.

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