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Rosalynn Carter dies the day before Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, on Sunday, November 19, 2023, Black nobility Energy harvest ritual!

By: Tommy Truthful
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Rosalynn Carter dies by the numbers!

Rosalynn Carter, Transformative Former First Lady And Mental Health Advocate, Dies
Rosalynn Carter, transformative former first lady and mental health advocate, dies.

Rosalynn Carter died the day before Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, on Sunday, November 19, 2023. She passed away 135 days after her marriage anniversary with Jimmy Carter on July 7, 2023. “Jimmy Carter” equals 135 in English ordinal Gematria, as does “Black nobility.”

Rosalynn Carter DiesRosalynn Carter, Transformative Former First Lady And Mental Health Advocate, Dies

The Black Nobility bloodlines are some of the most powerful on the planet, originating from the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, Italy, who, in the 12th century, held privileged trading rights. Their power was established through the first three crusades, from 1063 to 1123.

The Black Nobility aristocracy gained complete control over Venice in 1171, when the appointment of the Doge was transferred to the Great Council, consisting of members of the commercial aristocracy, including the de’Medici family. The influence of the Venetian Black Nobility extends beyond Venice, felt worldwide, particularly in the modern banking system, which originated in Italy.

In 1204, the oligarchic family distributed feudal enclaves to their members, leading to a buildup of power until the government became a closed corporation of the leading Black Nobility families. This history is detailed in Dr. John Coleman’s works, “Black Nobility Unmasked Worldwide, 1985” and “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, 1992.”

The Black Nobility is notorious for secret assassinations, murder, blackmail, bankruptcy of opponents, kidnapping, rape, and other heinous acts. Today, significant families include the Houses of Bernadotte, Bourbon, Braganza, Grimaldi, Guelph, Habsburg, Hanover, Hohenzollern, Karadjordjevic, Liechtenstein, Nassau, Oldenburg, Orange, Savoy, Wettin, Wittelsbach, Württemberg, and Zogu.

Rosalynn Carter entered hospice care with Jimmy Carter on November 17, 2023, a day before the 322nd day of the year, often associated with Skull and Bones Day, which is on November 18th. Then, notably, she passed away the day after. This sequence suggests an energy harvest spanning from the 17th through the 19th.

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter symbolize Georgia, the 4th state. Her entering hospice care on November 17th, a day leaving 44 days in the year, aligns with this symbolism. This correlation also connects with Barack Obama releasing his book “A Promised Land” on November 17th in a previous year. The numeric value of “Georgia” equals 44 in Gematria, and this is further linked with the numbers “44” and “17”, often associated with the word “Kill” in Gematria.

Kill=44 In Gematria

It’s also noteworthy that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s birthdays are 44 days apart.

47 Degree Masonic Compass

Today marks 47 days after Jimmy Carter’s October 1st birthday. The number 47 is significant in Gematria and is associated with key terms such as:

  • President = 47
  • White House = 47
  • Time = 47
  • Government = 47
  • Authority = 47

These connections underscore the recurrent numerical patterns and their significance in the context of prominent figures and events.

A notable numeric connection to Rosalynn Carter’s death is the number 93.

Screenshot 2023 11 20 150827 1 -

She died 93 days after her birthday, on a Sunday, paralleling the sun’s average distance from Earth.

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Screenshot 2023 11 20 151509 -

“Jimmy Carter” equals 54, the same as “Sun.” Matthew Perry died at age 54, and in the movie “They Live,” channel 54 news sends out a frequency keeping people hypnotized. The span from Matthew Perry’s death to Rosalynn Carter’s death is 22 days, a master builder number, significant as the 22nd anniversary year of 9/11.

The timing of these deaths often occurs a day before or after major dates, such as November 18th, the 322nd day of the year. A notable example is the death of the daughter in the “Fall of the House of Usher,” marked in the film for November 23, 2023. These events are not random; they are a result of Masonic number magic used to manipulate reality.

Rosalynn Carter, Transformative Former First Lady And Mental Health Advocate, Dies

Homicide Code Equals 49 In Chaldean Gematria

The phrase “Homicide code” equates to 49 in Chaldean Gematria and 93 in English ordinal Gematria. This is particularly noteworthy considering the earlier mentioned connection to the number 93.


Rosalynn Carter’s death, 49 days after Jimmy Carter’s birthday and on his 50th day of age, aligns with “Washington” in Gematria. The Hawaii massacre occurred in the 50th state, and 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of hip hop and the 5th anniversary of the 1973 war in Israel. Her death at age 96, on November 19, leaves 42 days in the year, correlating with Jimmy Carter being the 39th US President.

“President of the United States” and “US President” both equal 147 in Gematria, highlighting the significance of these positions in these events.

Us President=147 In Gematria

Another interesting connection involves the number 135 and the Golden Gate Bridge, which equals 135 in English ordinal Gematria.

Golden Gate Bridge Equals 135 In English Ordinal Gematria In 81 In Reduction Gematria
Golden Gate Bridge equals 135 in English ordinal gematria in 81 in reduction gematria

Notably, the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge’s suicide net is coinciding with Joe Biden’s 81st birthday on November 19, 2023. CNN highlighted this story just a day before Biden’s birthday, the same man who received 81 million votes and was born in Scranton, the setting of ‘The Office,’ located off Interstate 81.

Golden Gate Bridge=135 In English Ordinal Gematria

In Gematria, the Golden Gate Bridge aligns with the number 81, as do “President Biden” and “President Trump,” alongside “Ritual.” Joe Biden will turn 81 on November 20, 2023. This connects with the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh on January 28, 2022, coinciding with Biden’s visit to discuss infrastructure. The numerology of ‘Bridge Collapse’ and ‘Fern Hollow’ (the location of the collapse) both equate to 128, aligning with the date 1/28.

These events highlight the theatrical nature of politics, where the dire consequences of political decisions can be as impactful as driving people to desperation. San Francisco’s residents have been dealing with prominent political figures like London Breed, Gavin Newsom, and Nancy Pelosi.

E55B0Fc1 Screen Shot 2023 11 19 At 11.58.29 Am 1200X603 1 -

The Golden Gate Bridge, which opened 86 years ago on May 27, 1937, the 147th day of the year, aligns with the number of windows at the White House and the value 147 in Gematria for phrases like ‘President of the United States,’ ‘US President,’ ‘Freemason,’ and ‘Conspiracy.’ This number is significant to Freemasonry, known for their symbolism and building. The bridge’s opening date numerologically adds up to 88, a number connected with ‘Masonic Ritual.’

Furthermore, a news headline from August 8 (8/8), related to the Golden Gate Bridge, coincided with the Maui massacre, which occurred in the 808-area code and eight days after Angus Cloud’s death, connecting to the number 81 in his ritual. This connection was predicted on the thumbnail of a video discussing Angus Cloud, suggesting a major event on August 8th, which materialized with the Maui massacre. You can find more about this at

And remember, I previously mentioned that something significant was going to happen during this period. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I’ve included a video below that I did with Donut, where we discuss this topic in more detail. You can check out the video to get a deeper understanding of the events and predictions we discussed.

Matthew Perry dies at age 54 in a 128 Ritual Like Tommy Truthful and Doenut Factory Warned!

“Black GOO: The Fallen Angel Tech Revolutionizing Consciousness Transfer”

Netflix The Fall of the House of Usher’: A Dark Dive into Soul-Selling Decoded

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47 degree masonic compass dies first lady rosalynn carter former first lady rosalynn gematria Golden Gate Bridge equals 135 in English ordinal gematria in 81 in reduction gematria Golden Gate Bridge=135 In English ordinal GEMATRIA kill=44 in gematria President Jimmy Carter Rosalynn Carter Rosalynn Carter dies sat in on cabinet meetings transformative former first lady and mental health advocate US President=147 IN GEMATRIA wife of former president

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  1. Near the end you kept saying December “seventh,” but 82 is actually December “seventeenth” n chaldean and that was actually on the screen

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