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They cloned Jamie Foxx IMMORTAL CELEBRITIES the X Code 666

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

They cloned Jamie Foxx 

Jamie Foxx Cloned

Did you know that there are tiny robots called nanobots that can move around inside us? Well, some people claim that these nanobots can transfer our thoughts and feelings from one person to another. They say that some famous people in Hollywood have been cloned using these nanobots!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a celebrity looks a bit different or acts strangely? Some believe it’s because the original person might have passed away, but a clone of them was made before that happened. So, the cloned version continues to live, looking like the original celebrity.

There are even wild stories about the British royal family! Some say, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, and Prince Charles are involved in strange and harmful activities with celebrities. They supposedly force children to do bad things and treat them terribly. It’s all very shocking to hear about!

But wait, there’s more! People claim that if you hurt a clone of someone, the original person might feel the pain too. So, it’s a way to control and scare them. Some believe that famous people are scared to be seen with the person talking about all this because they don’t want to be associated with these weird gatherings.

It’s all pretty crazy to think about, and we can’t know for sure if these stories are true or not. But it sure makes for some interesting and mysterious tales!

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Britney Spears. Now, there have been some wild rumors floating around, but let’s clarify things. Back in 1998, right before Britney dropped her iconic album “Baby One More Time,” there was an unfortunate car accident involving Britney and Justin Timberlake. The accident caused severe burns to Justin and, sadly, an unimaginable decapitation for Britney. Hold on though, don’t panic just yet. Justin is still in a coma, but rumor has it that a clone is out there living his life.

Now, let’s talk about Britney’s replacement. The label had to find a stand-in, someone who could at least resemble the beloved pop star. Some say they found a double at the mall named Britney Shears, but that seems a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? Could it be possible that Britney was cloned?

So, there you have it. An intriguing tale filled with twists and turns. Keep in mind that this story is purely speculative, but let’s face it, it’s captivating. Let your imagination run wild!

Britney Is Dead

Britney Spears

There has been talk for years about Eminem seeking rehab after a drug overdose in 2005. In fact, he even admitted a while back that he “almost died” at one point. Now, he used the word “almost” because when you have countless clones of yourself, true death becomes a bit murky.

When Slim Shady skyrocketed to international fame in the late 90s, the Illuminati came knocking (as they tend to do with rising superstars) to gauge his interest in joining their gang of powerful troublemakers. However, Shady made the foolish decision to decline, resulting in his alleged demise in a fatal car accident. Or, at least that’s what the rest of the world believes. The official story? Eminem went to “rehab.”

Of course, clones aren’t flawless. The video featured below, which you can download here, highlights the vocal differences between the original Eminem and his clone counterpart.

And if that evidence isn’t convincing enough, just take a look at his receding hairline. Just like the infamous clone Al Roker, Eminem’s clone also experienced a malfunction on live television, nearly giving away the whole secret in the process.

Eminem's Clone

Back in 2010, as with all incurably rebellious teen sensations, Disney had Miley Cyrus killed and dumped her remains in the California desert.

There are two different possible reasons for this. One theory states that in the months before her “accident,” Miley leaked nudes, smoked salvia, and wrote in a song that she was “hot.” Which is to say, Miley Cyrus had become a national disgrace. To save its brand, Disney was left with only one option: Murder.

The other theory (and the one outlined in the image above) alleges that Miley Cyrus refused the sexual advances of various Disney executives (her father included). After realizing that Miley intended to remain steadfast in her decision not to partake in their blood orgies, a Disney higher-up beat her up, left her for dead, and brought in the clones.

Miley Cyrus

The Miley Cyrus conspiracies actually go even deeper than the rest. This YouTube video claims to contain proof that Miley Cyrus is “a confirmed Draco Reptilian Shapeshifter Hybrid.” Note the eyelids.

They cloned Jamie Foxx in a Osiris resurrection ritual #128 that will blow your mind!

They Cloned Tyrone


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5G Danger

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Eminem's clone Jamie Foxx jamie foxx cloned Miley Cyrus They cloned Jamie Foxx/ They Cloned Tyrone

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